Box Office

Scarborough Spa Box Office, open 7 days a week. 

Tel: 01723 376774

Email: [email protected]

Opening Times

Open daily 10.00am - 4.00pm

On show days, the Box Office remains open until 30 minutes after the start of the show.

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 01723 376774

Concession ticket prices are available on some performances. 

For most shows to qualify as a concession you must be either:

Aged over 60

Aged under 16

A student

Armed Forces (present or retired)

NHS/Blue Light Worker

Please be advised for some shows the concession qualifying criteria may vary - in these cases this will be listed on the event page. 

ID may be required on entry to the performance with concession tickets.

Free Carer/Personal Assistant Scheme

A carer/personal assistant free ticket scheme will be available from Thursday 1 February 2018 .

The scheme allows you to obtain ONE free ticket for the person who is accompanying you to give you the assistance required to enable you to attend an event/performance at Scarborough Spa or Whitby Pavilion.

The free ticket is provided on the assumption that the person who accompanies you is able to provide you with appropriate assistance.

How do I know if I qualify for the scheme?

To qualify for the scheme you need to provide evidence that you need the assistance of a carer/personal assistant in order to attend performances/events. We will require proof of your entitlement at the time of booking or before the tickets are released for collection/posted to you. We will only need to see proof the first time you purchase tickets using the scheme, as your customer account will be authorised upon receipt of the proof.

What do you accept as proof of entitlement?
We accept any of the following:

Evidence you are in recipt of DLA - Middle or Higher Care Component of Disability Living Allow-ance or Higher Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance

Evidence you are in receipt of PIP - Standard or Enhanced Daily Living Component of Personal Independence Payment or Enhanced Mobility Component of Personal Independence Payment.

Evidence you are in receipt of AFIP – Armed Forces Independence Payment

CVI - Certificate of Visual Impairment

Evidence you are in receipt of AA - Attendance Allowance (Disability Living Allowance for patrons over 65)

Visually Impaired or Disabled Bus Pass

Disabled Persons Railcard

Disabled Identification Card

CEA Card - Cinema Discount Card

Access Card

The Blue Badge and Employment and Support Allowance schemes will not be accepted as proof of eligibility.

I don’t have my proof with me at the time of booking. Can I still have a free carer/personal assistant ticket?

We can process your booking but will not be able to release the tickets for collection or post them to you until we see your proof of eligibility to join the scheme. You can bring your documents into the Box Office in person, email them to [email protected] or send us a copy by post to Spa Box Office, Scarborough Spa, South Bay, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO11 2HD. Once we have seen the proof, your tickets will be released/posted.

If I pay for my ticket, will the carer/personal assistant ticket be free?
Yes. You must purchase a ticket for yourself for an event/performance at Scarborough Spa or Whitby Pavilion and book the free personal assistant/carer ticket at the same time.

Please note: it is not the carer/personal assistant who is entitled to a free ticket, it is the customer who has joined the scheme who is entitled to receive a free carer/personal assistant ticket when purchasing tickets for themselves. Carers/personal assistants can assist with the booking of the tickets but the booking must be in the name of the eligible customer.

Are VIP or Meet & Greet tickets included in the scheme?
No. The free carer/personal assistant ticket will be a standard priced ticket. If the customer wants to buy a VIP or Meet & Greet ticket for themselves, they can. However it is on the understanding that their carer/personal assistant may not be able to sit next to them but they will be seated as near as possible subject to availability at the time of booking.

Are there any events/performances that are exempt from the scheme?
Yes, any catered event is exempt from the scheme. E.g. our Christmas Party Nights, New Year’s Eve Dinner, 80’s Party Night.

Can I buy personal assistant/carer tickets online?
No unfortunately not, they are only available from the box office please email us at [email protected] 

I am hearing impaired, is there another way to purchase free personal assistant/carer tickets?
Yes, you can contact us by email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you with your purchase.

I bought my tickets before the scheme started, could I get a refund for the ticket I bought for my personal assistant/carer?
No, unfortunately only purchases after the scheme start date are eligible to free carer/personal assistant tickets under the scheme.

Can I see a full copy of your Terms & Conditions?
You can. Please click here.

Our Ticket Fees Explained

Seeing your favourite band or show is a great experience. And we’re here to help you enjoy that must-see act, without any unnecessary confusion.

Our ticket prices are transparent and made up of four elements:

1.The Face Value – this is the price agreed with the promoter or organiser of an event. We work hard with promoters to ensure that this is a fair price.

2. The Booking Fee – this is a charge made to cover the costs of our ticketing service, for example the costs of the ticketing software, call centre and our colleagues.

3. The Facility Fee – this is a small charge that contributes to the upkeep, safety and security of the building to ensure that you enjoy the performance.

4. The Fulfilment Fee – this is the cost of getting the tickets to you, so includes things like postage costs or organising collection facilities. We offer a no-cost option; ‘print at home’.

The price shown in our literature and on our website combines the Face Value, Booking Fee and Facility Fee.

This means that the price you see is the price you will pay for your ticket.

You can then choose the best method to get hold of your ticket and any costs for this fulfilment at the time of booking.

Why do we charge fees?

The Scarborough Spa holds a very special place in Scarborough’s history. We want to ensure that the venue continues to offer a great variety of entertainment and community events.

The charges we make are there to cover the costs of safety and security improvements, our ticketing service; the ticketing software, call centre, counter service and colleagues. For most events, the face value of your ticket goes directly to the event promoter.

How do our prices compare?

Different ticketing outlets and venues have different names for their charges (e.g. Facilities fee, Administration Fee, Suggested Donation) but what’s important is what you actually pay. We work hard to keep prices fair so that you can sit back and enjoy the show.

Any surplus is reinvested into our venues and activities so that we can continue to provide a rich mix of performances and events for you to enjoy in the future.

Box Office: 01723 376774

Email: [email protected]