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Our Ticket Fees Explained 

Seeing your favourite band or show is a great experience.  And we’re here to help you enjoy that must-see act, without any unnecessary confusion.

Our ticket prices are transparent and made up of four elements:
1. The Face Value – this is the price agreed with the promoter or organiser of an event.  We work hard with promoters to ensure that this is a fair price.
2. The Booking Fee – this is a charge made to cover the costs of our ticketing service, for example the costs of the ticketing software, call centre and our colleagues.
3. The Facility Fee – this is a small charge that contributes to the upkeep, safety and security of the building to ensure that you enjoy the performance.
4. The Fulfilment Fee – this is the cost of getting the tickets to you, so includes things like postage costs or organising collection facilities.  We offer a no-cost option; ‘print at home’.

The price shown in our literature and on our website combines the Face Value, Booking Fee and Facility Fee. 

This means that the price you see is the price you will pay for your ticket. 

You can then choose the best method to get hold of your ticket and any costs for this fulfilment at the time of booking. 

Why do we charge fees?  

The Scarborough Spa is a part of Sheffield City Trust, a not-for-profit charitable organisation. 

We are proud to run some iconic buildings and regularly invest in their maintenance and upkeep.

As a not-for-profit organisation, we don’t have shareholders; instead any surplus from ticketing and hosting events are reinvested into our venues and activities to deliver a quality events programme. We work hard to ensure our pricing is fair and transparent.

The Scarborough Spa holds a very special place in Scarborough’s history.  We want to ensure that the venue continues to offer a great variety of entertainment and community events.

The charges we make are there to cover the costs of safety and security improvements, our ticketing service; the ticketing software, call centre, counter service and colleagues.  For most events, the face value of your ticket goes directly to the event promoter.

How do our prices compare? 

Different ticketing outlets and venues have different names for their charges (e.g. Facilities fee, Administration Fee, Suggested Donation) but what’s important is what you actually pay.  We work hard to keep prices fair so that you can sit back and enjoy the show.

The Scarborough Spa is part of a not-for-profit organisation; Sheffield City Trust.  We don’t have shareholders. 

Any surplus is reinvested into our venues and activities so that we can continue to provide a rich mix of performances and events for you to enjoy in the future. 

Box Office: (01723) 821888

Email: spaboxoffice@siv.org.uk

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